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Ok so I was supposed to be taking a 2 year break. Trying to work out what I was going to do, what was going to happen to Magpie Rooks and heal from everything that has happened.

However, life doesn't alway....correction....more often than not go how you want it to.

I'm caring for my youngest son now 24/7. He didn't move to secondary school because his needs were far too great and his safety was really an issue. Anyway, let's not get into that right now.

My eldest is now 17 and we no longer get any support for him because he was home schooled and hasn't gone onto college. He's looking into working for himself as a dog walker if all goes well.

Hubby is working his butt off for the NHS but we are getting to the point where we really need a second income.

So I have decided to press forward with some plans early in the hopes of boosting our funds.

Unfortunately I can't get usual employment because of my little lad. And my middle boy is still at school and has his own stuff I have to help with....There's a lot to running Rabble House.

So the question was "what can I do that fits?".

I wanted to do something creative and something I could do around him. My artwork has ground to a halt because, bless my boy, he's soooooo loud and bombastic I can't get into it right now. Zero peace and quite is not the best for my arty brain haha!

I can't get out and about easily so organising events or something is out.

There's no money in podcasting and I can't record anything until little man is in bed and funnily enough by that time I'm shattered.

YouTube? Hahahaha......No. It was after watching my fifth or sixth Royalty Soaps video (I recommend you watch them on YouTube) that I thought "It's a shame I changed Magpie Rooks direction."

Originally I had the tag line Purveyors of Arty Crafts & Curiosities. I had wanted to make and sell all sorts of stuff because I can't really focus on one thing thanks to my odd wiring. A hotchpotch of the random things I love and can turn my hand too. However, I couldn't do things like soap because you need to have stuff tested and approved and that costs more that I could afford at the moment. Also cold processed soap involves lye and that was out with little man about.

I couldn't shake this idea that I should look more into crafts and the more videos I watch the more I began to regret changing directions. What was done was done and there was no going back. I had made my decision. It was final.

Now remember what I said about life not going the way you want it to? Sometime that's not always a negative.

I had wanted to be taken as a serious artist, knocking out work left and right. Designing this and that. Doing shows and the like. I wanted to be focused and...actually I have no idea what the hell I was thinking! Because to be an artist you must create and at that moment I wasn't creating anything! An artist will create art from anything, any medium and on any platform. To do this you have to do the stuff to pay the bills so you have the money and the time for everything else. Why couldn't I change my mind again? I wanted the chance to broaden my skills and make a bit of money as well. I have no idea where the candles and wax products idea came from and I know it's not original at all but it felt like a good start.

I started to research, by that I mean I smelled A LOT of candles and melts, and found that my particular leanings when it came to fragrance was far different to many others.

So I was different and I could put my own mark on it.

I practiced and finally got to a point, with some help from Michelle (UsAtNumber4), where I was happy to sell. A most definite start to my eclectic crafts.

And here we are. Yes, it looks like I've taken a step back but maybe, just maybe, I got it right the first time.

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